Merging Pulpit & Public Service: Herron Gaston, M.Div '14

Herron Gaston, M.Div ’14 & STM ’15, is a key member of the Admissions Team who maintains a strong academic record and involves himself in numerous public service and philanthropic efforts, focusing particularly on the plight of the United States prison population.

Take To The Skies Above Yale

Just a few shots of our beautiful campus, as seen from above and courtesy of the Yale Aerial team.  Check out a gorgeous sweep over the Div!

Our 2015 Application Is Now Open!


YDS Flag

Greetings!  Today we are very pleased to announce that the application to enroll in Yale Divinity School for the fall of 2015 has gone live!  You can access it here:

Riess Potterveld B.D. '69 Elected President of Graduate Theological Union



                                                                    Above: Riess Potterveld M.Div '69

Ian Doescher YC '99 & M.Div '05 Introduces Shakespeare to Star Wars

Star Wars Reading

       Above: Ian Doescher (right) reads with stalwart Star Wars fan Sean McAvoy in Madison, CT.  Photo by Jim Hackney.


Hopie Randall Appointed Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid!

Hopie & Sean

               Above: Newly-appointed Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid Hopie Randall (left) with Sean McAvoy

We are pleased to announce that Hopie Randall M.Div 2011 has been appointed as the next Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid!  Hopie Randall has been in this position as an interim for the last year and a half.

What Are You Reading This Summer?

SBS Reading Wall


Each year students, incoming and returning alike, ask me “What should I read over the summer to better prepare myself for YDS?” 

My default answer used to be “Whatever you want,” but noting the recurrent looks of confusion and betrayal, I had to come up with a more concrete response.

Why They Chose Yale

YDS Graduation


Greetings!  Each year some of our finest students contribute short essays detailing why they chose to come to Yale Divinity School.  You will find all of them linked below.  They are a great read, and testify to the diversity and strength of the community of YDS, as well as the wonderful paths our students take. 

Book Review - The Opposite of Loneliness, by Marina Keegan YC '12

Keegan picture



In May of 2012, 1,249 students graduated from Yale College.  Amongst them was a Coleridge-loving, poetry-writing Saybrugian from Wayland, Massachusetts, named Marina Keegan.  Five days later she passed away in a car accident.  This is heartbreaking, and will never not be so.