Richard Levin By The Numbers

Curious about Yale’s recent history?  Want to know how the University today is different from that of yesteryear?  Wondering how modern Yale stacks up against the “bright college years” of Dink Stover and the rest?

Well, wonder no more!  In his twenty years as University President, Richard Levin ’74 GRD has overseen a host of improvements and expansions at Yale, including such startling facts as: 

-       An annual financial aid budget nearly five times the size of when he took office as President.

-       15 cent cost for Zerit in Africa.  Zerit is an AIDS drug on which Yale holds the patent.

-       75.8% students campus-wide who receive financial aid from Yale.

To learn about all these and more, head over to this fascinating list of Levin’s presidential accomplishments.  These are just some of the incredible changes brought to our campus by our outgoing president, and part of what makes Yale a great place to be!