What YDS Students Did On Their Summer Vacations

Today is the first day of Yale Divinity School's Before The Fall Orientation (BTFO), where the incoming class begins their time as YDS students.  Our returning students, however, will be coming back to YDS from exciting summers indeed.

From a Lutheran camp in Manhattan to programs in El Salvador, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic, YDS students have spent their summers going across the globe and down the street to do work of personal and professional importance.  

Over the summer our students become chaplains, camp counselors, lawyers, interns, writers, missionaries, activists, and a host of other occupations.  But what they are most of all is engaged.  Engaged with the world, engaged with the needs of communities near and far, and engaged with the practical aspects of their education that go beyond the classroom.

You can read four inspiring stories of what some of our students have done:

Joel Bergeland ’14 M.Div. shares a story from his summer as a ministry intern at Trinity Lutheran Church in Manhattan. Jordan Scruggs ’15 M.Div. reflects on what she learned from interfaith immersion experience she and Dana Capasso ’14 M.Div. joined in the Dominican Republic. Angel Collie ’14 M.Div.describes the work he has been doing with gender non-conforming folks in Uganda. And Natalie Blasco ’15 M.Div. explains how her own perspective on ministry was shaped by a trip she took with other Berkeley students to visit the Episcopal diocese of El Salvador.