Deferrals and You

YDS Snow

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“I want to apply now, but I’m going to have to wait a year to come.  Can I get a deferral?”

We get this question a lot.

I’ve been working on a big post about why we don’t accept the GRE. Meanwhile, some of you are concerned about deferrals, namely, if and when we grant them.

A “deferral” in this case is a deferred enrollment, which can occur when an applicant is accepted for one admissions cycle and then defers their enrollment to YDS for a year.  So, if Amy Applicant gets accepted to YDS, then gets a Rhodes Scholarship to go to Oxford, she can defer enrolling into YDS for a year so she can go to Oxford.  When she’s done with her Oxford degree, she can then bypass the application process and enroll as a new student.  This happens.

It does not, however, happen very often. 

We grant deferrals in limited circumstances, mainly:

- Named scholarships (such as the Rhodes, the Gates, the Marshall, Fulbright, etc.)

- Medical emergency (if you are suddenly stricken ill and cannot attend)

- Family circumstance (something drastic changes at home) 

Those are pretty much it.  We strongly encourage you to apply to YDS when you are ready to attend; there is no advantage to you, me, YDS, or anyone else if you are applying knowing you will not be able to start for a year.

Hope that helps!  Here’s an awesome Christmas music video featuring cowboys, robots, and a sweet message that a friend filmed for America’s rock band The Killers a few years ago: