Visit Yale Divinity This Spring!

Gilmores At Yale

                                 Above: Prospective student Rory Gilmore visits Yale with her hilariously offbeat family.

We at Yale Divinity School hope you are enjoying a happy and healthy 2015.  

Did you know that you can arrange a visit to Yale Divinity School?  During your visit, you’ll

-       Meet with an Admissions Officer

-       Attend at least one class, and more if you desire

-       Participate in a service at our Marquand Chapel

-       Meet our community of students, faculty, and staff at coffee hour

-       Enjoy lunch on us with current students

Our visitation schedule is open now to March, so if you’d like to visit YDS in January or February, now is the time! 

You can register for your visit here:

Our March, April, and May schedules will be opening soon, so keep a close eye on this page!