Yale Divinity School is a Unique Place to Study

Pictured: Herron Keyon Gaston, Assistant Director of Admissions & Recruitment

In August I accepted the challenge of becoming the new Assistant Director of Admissions & Recruitment at Yale Divinity School. During my time as a student at YDS, I worked in the Office of Admissions as an Admissions Assistant. Almost three years later, I am doing what I love to do, and that is to help move people closer towards their God-given destination.

This week while recruiting for Yale, I discovered that prospective students are eager to talk about the hospitable nature of our institution. I am very excited to work for an institution that is committed to diversity in every sense of the word, and who is consistently looking for new and better ways of improving.

Students from all across the globe are drawn to YDS for a myriad of reasons, and diversity is only one of those good reasons. Our school prides itself on providing students with a rigorous residential theological education, whereby we foster and cultivate a rich, diverse, and eclectic interactive experience between faculty, staff, and students. We believe that each student brings a unique quality to the educational experience at YDS, which helps to broaden our perspective and strengthen our beloved community. The ecumenical character of YDS challenges our students to think widely as we endeavor to train leaders who will positively transform the global landscape.

I have come to appreciate that YDS is not a melting pot, but a salad bowl and each student has their own special ingredient that they contribute to this incredibly rich academic environment. Our student body is eclectic and universal. One will find a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, perspectives, faith communities, and identities throughout our campus. Our faculty and staff are unmatched in their research and respective fields of study, and care very deeply about our students’ academic and spiritual development.

Moreover, the ecumenical character of our institution is experienced daily in our worship services in Marquand Chapel which reflect the diversity and wide-ranging theological traditions that makes up our beloved community. We are proud to be an institution that welcomes and invites all to sit at the table of reason as sisters and brothers belonging to the same planet.

Over the next few weeks, I will be traveling all across the country speaking to prospective students about their interest in our institution. I must say, being a two-time graduate of Yale that it is a new day in the life of our community, and I am so proud to be a part of a tradition and administration that is forever committed to educating scholars, ministers, and leaders for the work of public service. For we truly believe that public service is one of the highest calling one could accept. We invite you to join our beloved community, and to join the coversation about how to make our world a better place.