Why I chose Yale

Calvon Jones is a first year M.Div student from Garysburg, North Carolina. He is a talanted musican, composer, and singer and brings many gifts to YDS. We are fortunate to have him be apart of our beloved community. 

Why did I choose Yale Divinity School?

My hermeneutics are around the principles of love, acceptance, and cosmopolitism; hence I needed a place that would help challenge me and enhance my ministry in those areas.  I have always wanted to study more and form a personal theology that would do more up-lifting than harm to people desiring or seeking that which is holy to them. During my senior year at Morehouse College, I had the wonderful struggle of whether to accept Harvard Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary, or Yale Divinity School.

Yale Divinity School’s excellent courses in Homiletics and Theology, and the work conducted by Professors Kathyrn Tanner, Nora Tisdale, and Mary Moschella concerning topics on theology, ministry, and pastoral involvement, were directly related to the work I planned to do in the future.

Yale Divinity School was the ecumenical space where I could worship and grow from other faith practitioners.After seeking guidance from Dr. Otis Moss III (an alumnus of YDS), professors at Morehouse College, and other mentors, I knew that Yale Divinity School would be the most fitting place for me to grow as an emerging scholar and preacher — I chose Yale Divinity School.

How this place has nurtured your passions and commitments?

I have been challenged in a number of areas: from wrestling with strenuous hours of reading to completing the numerous writing assignments; to establishing my identity as a Black man for the first time on a fully integrated campus; to selecting an appropriate place of worship. Because of these real challenges, I have grown tremendously.

My theological muscles have been stretched. I have had to deal with the difficult questions of who God really is and what does all of this mean. Professors, administrators, and staff are so helpful: they are there when you need to talk or need to hear from others who have journeyed this path as well.  In addition, the community of scholars and classmates whom I have gotten to know have become my teammates and lifelines.

Through careful discernment, Yale Divinity School became a place for me to grow as a scholar and to explore the academy of religion in ways I had never experienced.

Peace and Blessings,

Calvon Jones